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Pool Tile and Fountain Cleaning with Abrasive Blasting

Pool Tile and Fountain cleaning with abrasive blasting is one of the safest and most effective techniques for restoring surfaces to their original splendor.  Calcium and scale deposits are one of the most difficult materials to remove from tile or pebbletech.  Unlike other pool tile cleaning methods which involve dangerous chemicals or glass beads, the results are faster and cleanup is much easier.  Some of the sodium abrasive will dissolve as it falls to the bottom of the pool; the rest is pumped out with our pumps after the job is complete.   After we leave and the job is complete,  it's safe to swim! 

Our MaxxStrip Pool Tile Cleaning Formula (PF-2) is specially formulated for cleaning swimming pool tiles to safely clean dirty grout and remove calcium, oily residue, mold or algae. It is blended to flow through the MaxxClean equipment and provide less floating debris for quicker cleanup.

WE ARE GREEN!  Our MaxxStrip (Magnesium Sulphate / Kieserite) is a water-soluble, environmentally-friendly soda blast abrasive that cleans, removes paint and degreases in one step without shutting down process streams. It is much more aggressive for soda blasting than baking soda abrasives, yet safe to use around rotating equipment, bearings and sliding mechanisms. It also will not corrode aluminum jacketing and damage brass or copper electrical contact closures.

Pool Tile Cleaning with Sodium Blasting


pool tile cleaning


pool fountain tile cleaning


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Tucson Pool Tile Cleaning Specializes in:

  • - Pool Tile Restoration
  • - Pool Tile Calcium Removal
  • - Rock and Stone Refinishing and Cleaning
  • - Fountain Restoration and Clean
  • - Building restoration & cleaning
  • - Mold remediation
  • - Removing mildew & mold
  • - Marine antifouling removal / antifouling surface preparation on boats
  • - Fire restoration
  • - Removing smoke & soot damage
  • - Automotive restoration
  • - Sculpture restoration
  • - Graffiti removal
  • - Industrial & food grade equipment cleaning
  • - Paint removal
  • - Cleaning delicate surfaces (stainless steel, glass, wood, bearings)

Case Study: Hotel Fountain Tile Cleaning

Problem: Hotel needed fountains cleaned, but faced the following obstacles –

  • Black tiles are extra difficult to clean.
  • Delicate glass tiles could be damaged by most fountain tile cleaning methods.
  • No one would attempt to do the job using other fountain tile cleaning methods other than MaxxStrip.

Solution: Using MaxxStrip, the fountain tiles were safely and successfully cleaned.


Examples of Tile Cleaning Operation and Function






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