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Soda vs. Bead Blasting
Benefits of Sodium Blasting (MaxxStrip)

  1. environmentally-friendly to wash into soil
  2. greatly reduced abrasive disposal costs
  3. non-sparking, water soluble & silica-free
  4. containment is minimized
  5. cleans calcium deposits
  6. safe to use without shutting down unit operations
  7. custom abrasive blends available
  8. scarifies existing coating and cleans for overcoat applications
  9. Water-soluble and environmentally-safe
  10. Eliminates the need of using toxic cleaning chemicals.
  11. Does not produce thermal sparks or heat buildup.
  12. One-step cleaning and de-coating process.
  13. Can be done while other machines and processes are in operation.
  14. Equipment is transportable, in many cases a one-person operation
  15. Equipment is easy to use and clean up is relatively easy.

Disadvantage of Glass Bead Blasting

  1. Destroys Grout around tile
  2. Glass bead are very difficult to remove from the pool floor or area surrounding the pool
  3. Irreversible damage will inevitably occur to surface (even if done by a professional)
  4. When cleaning glass pool tile, bead blasting will frost the glass and give very poor results, glass pool tile must be sodium blasted to give you the right result
  5. A minimum investment of $20,000 is necessary to perform any kind of professional bead blasting.  If the right equipment is not used and not done professionally, the chances for massive damage increases greatly.

Here is an example of the damage of glass bead blasting.  Even if you’re a professional and perform glass bead blasting, over time, this will slowly begin to ruin all surfaces, especially pool tile.

Glass Bead Damage


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